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Shoppers: Browse, buy and send someone a Gifticket® gift card for a local small business! New businesses are signing up every day, ask your local businesses to give Gifticket® a try!

Small Business Owners: Expand your reach and get in the gift card market with zero cost or risk! Simply register, promote the option to your customers, and easily redeem Gifticket® gift card during a sale!

We offer customers a way to support small business with the convenience of online shopping and the flexibility of gift cards. We offer small businesses a free tool for competing in the modern marketplace. Spread the word and give back to Main Street, not Wall Street!

GifTicket Inc.


Christyl Lee

August 06 10:30 AM

I’ve had the pleasure of working with GifTicket via my small personal LLC. They were professional, thorough, and prompt throughout the entire process. Highly recommend!

Robin Matthews

April 25 02:17 PM

Love being a part of GifTicket! They make gift giving easy for everyone.

Eric Lynn

March 06 10:10 AM

GifTicket has been an awesome service and they really support and root for their merchant business partners. Easy to sign up, easy to maintain, no fees. #shoplocally #giveglobally

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